For many companies, the annual report is their flagship publication. As well as highlighting and reviewing the year's events, the report is an opportunity for companies to analyse trends within their sector and present a strategic vision for the future. Vibrant, well-written annual reports can act as an effective company advertisement, helping to attract potential shareholders, employees and partners.


How we can help

    • Writing
    • Writing an annual report requires precision and a clear understanding of the material. We work with clients from the start of the process to identify the general theme and key messages. We interview key stakeholders, including board members and senior management, to pinpoint the most important issues, and gather information from across the organisation. We work to produce a report that is sharp, readable and consistent in its tone of voice.


    • Editing
    • Some clients prefer to produce their annual report in-house. We can work with you at any stage of the process, editing the text as well as advising you on how best to structure and write the material.


 Portfolio examples

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